Appliances & Crew


Fire 1

Reynolds Boughton RB44 Crash Tender 4x4

General Motors OHV Petrol V8 5736cc Engine 

Crew of 4, 2 x Breathing Apparatus Sets, Light Rescue Equipment

1239 litre of Water and  136 litres of Foam

1 x Roof Mounted Monitor, 2 x Hose Lines, 2 x High Pressure Hose Reels

Front Mounted Winch

Short Extension Ladder

First Aid Equipment and Stretcher

Fire 2

MK10E Scammell Nubian Major 4x4

Cummins 903 B.H.P Engine

Crew of 4, 2 x Breathing Apparatus, Hydraulic Rescue Equipment

2,700 litres of Water, 340 Litres of Foam

100kg of BCF

1 x Roof Monitor 1550 litres/min

2x Sideline 540 litres/min

1 x High Pressure Hose Reel  70 litres/min

9m Angus Sacol Ladder

First Aid Equipment and Stretcher

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Fire 4

Carmichael TACR 2 6X6

3.5 LTR Petrol V8 Engine

Crew of 2 Light Rescue Equipment

990 litres of Walter  136 litres AFFF Foam (Sererate Tanks)

2 X 38mm 100 ft Side Lines

Short Extension Ladder

25kg Dry Powder Perren Unit - 18kg Monnex - 5kg Co2

First Aid Equipment and Stretcher

Fire 5

Nissan Navara King Cab 4X4

 Fibreglass Rear Body

2.5 LTR Diesel Engine D22

Crew of  2 Light & Powered Rescue Equipment

650 litres Water 35 litres AFFF Foam

1 X 38mm 75ft Hose Line

Short Extension Combination Ladder

18kg Monnex - 5kg CO2 -  4kgDry Powder & BCF Extinguishers

First Aid - Defibrillator  & Stretcher 

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Some of the Crew of 2012

Carl - Simon - Sam- Peter - Steve -

Simon - Gary - Marc

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Some of the Crew of 2008

What a fine body of fire-fighters.

There are 11 crew members, but due to us being volunteers it’s hard to get us all together at any one time.

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