Incidents Attended

Aircraft lands with partial under carriage failure

 20th July 2012

Firefighters were called to North Weald Airfield after the undercarriage malfunctioned on a light aircraft with two men on board and the wheel would not lower.

Crews laid out a foam blanket and had hose lines and foam ready as the Cessna 210 came in to land without its undercarriage.

By 12:45hrs the aircraft had safely landed on the foam blanket crews had laid out.

Station Officer Andy Senior said: "It is tribute to the skill of the pilot that both he and the other passenger landed and no one was seriously hurt.

"Crews put down a foam blanket and as soon as the plane touched down firefighters isolated the fuel supply to make sure there was no risk of ignition.

"The front wheel had deployed but the rear undercarriage didn't. The pilot brought the plane in as slowly as he could and was able to land remarkably well considering the difficulties he faced."

Both men were left in the care of the ambulance service.

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Plane Crashes into Vehicle

9th May 2010

On Sunday 9th May NWFR were providing fire cover for a Test & Tune motor sport event on the northern showground and main runway at North Weald. Early in the afternoon they were alerted to an aircraft incident near to the Squadron by council staff. Fire 1, crewed by Gary and Simon along with Rob who was just along for the ride as an observer, responded to find an AT3 aeroplane and Volvo car alight on the taxiway a few yards west of the Squadron buildings. An onlooker reported that the two seat single engine AT3 light aircraft appeared to come into land but immediately took off again, banking over the top of a hanger before coming back to try a second landing and clipping the back of a brand new Volvo with two people inside who were driving out of the airfield. Thankfully the occupants of the Volvo were unhurt and were able to get out and rescue the injured pilot from the wreckage seconds before the aeroplane burst into flames destroying much of the airframe and seriously damaging the car.

The fire was rapidly extinguished using an aspirated foam branch, dry powder and Halon. A short while later Essex Fire and Rescue attended to assist the volunteers.

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Motorcycle in blaze of glory

10th May 2009


10 th May 2009 was the first Motor Sport Test & Tune day. This was a HOT day in more ways than one, especially for one unlucky motorcycle rider. He stopped to get his lap time printout and realised his bike had caught fire. Naturally he dropped the bike causing the petrol to spill out, you can see the result from the photo’s. Believe it or not due to our quick response the only damage was melted plastic fairings and damaged seat.

Also a big thank you to Nicolas Chakir Dahmani the photographer on the day for sending us the photo’s

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Helicopter Crash  

Rally boss in helicopter escape 16th September 2007

Subaru rally team chief Mr Dave Richards and his wife survived unhurt when their helicopter crash-landed in Essex.

Mr Richards helped buy Aston Martin in June 2007 and is Prodrive chief executive.

Mr Richards and his wife were returning to their home at Banbury, Oxfordshire, after attending the Belgian Grand Prix.

Mr Richards, was piloting a Eurocopter EC 135, when he experienced problems while traveling at about 1,500ft, near North Weald Airfield in Essex.

Mr Richards, and his wife, Karen, walked out of the wreckage which crash landed in a field in Mill Lane, near North Weald Airfield and were treated for shock by paramedics.

NWFR were the first Emergency services on scene, we were covering an event at the airfield when we noticed the helicopter crash land into the field. We immediately responded and gave assistance to Mr Richards and his wife while making the helicopter safe.

Mr Richards stated:

"I would like to thank North Weald Fire Rescue for coming to the assistance of my wife and myself so promptly."

Mr Richards was piloting the Helicopter

Copyright Essex Fire and Rescue

Copyright Essex Fire and Rescue

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A few incidents at North Weald Airfield in 1990’s

Home built. Pilot couldn't wait to play with his toy. Went flying before he had run the engine in on the deck. Disappeared over the eastern boundary of the airfield.

Attended with the MK8 and an Essex Unimog. Made sure the Unimog smashed through the fence so we didn't scratch the paint on the MK8!

Red Arrow tyre burst on landing at North Weald Fighter Meet 1990's?. Mk8 lurking in background.

As you can see quite a bit of damage!

Field fire Outside Airfield

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Large field fire off Church Lane North Weald. Farmer says to driver "Follow my directions", driver follows directions, Mk8A goes off side of culvert into ditch. Driver last seen chasing farmer with crash axe! Fortunately still close enough to run everything out and extinguish the fire whilst at the same time frantic efforts to remove from ditch before arrival of Essex!

Actually put it in 4wd and she came straight out whilst still pumping and Essex never knew!

No damage at all apart from a bent bracket for the fog lights.

All those disparaging comments about MK8's! How many modern vehicles could go in a ditch and come out in 1 piece?

Binbrook 1988

A series of shots of the French B17 at Binbrook. I think it was 1988. Taken by an RAF fireman. Definitely thought there would be some fatalities.

Amazingly the worst injury was a broken leg.

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