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North Weald Flying Services is a licensed engineering company authorised to carry out General aviation maintenance in accordance with their approvals held.They are also a membership club offering quarterly newsletters, no landing fees for members, access to talk nights and events evenings. Membership costs from £50 per year running from April 1st to March 31st.

The BFSA was formed in 1949 by the amalgamation of the National Fire Brigade’s Association and the Professional Fire Brigade’s Association. The NFBA was formed in 1887 when it was known as the National Fire Brigade Union and was incorporated in 1912. The PFBA was formed in 1902.

Thus the BFSA can claim over a century of tradition & experience. All of this has been devoted to advancing the status of the nations fire fighters and improving the effectiveness of the measures taken to protect life, save damage to property and render humanitarian services.

Maitland Racing

Our motor sport events run throughout the year. They are professionally organised and provide all the amenities to make for a fun day out. Our events are for anyone with an interest in motor sports, and are enjoyed by men, women and children alike.

All events are held on Sundays at North Weald Airfield.

An active flying club based at North Weald Airfield near Epping in Essex. North Weald flying Group currently operates seven aeroplanes and is run by qualified flying instructors - handy for North Weald flying club members to take routine flight checks or additional flying lessons and ratings such as IMC.

The Aerostars are Europe’s largest and most spectacular formation aerobatic display team.

With a unique brand of tightly-choreographed aerobatics, thunderous radial sounds and magnificent smoke effects, the Aerostars have been thrilling crowds for over seventeen years. Over 17 million people have seen us perform at major air displays, sporting events, corporate launches and private functions in over ten countries across the UK and Europe.

No events are too big or too small for the Aerostars. They can provide different show formats depending on your display location, timings and budget.

This is a website that is focused on communicating local events, news and essential information for residents and visitors of North Weald village.

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